Members and Advisors

Peter Mettler: Acclaimed director, artist, and cinematographic innovator
Natalie Fullerton: Esteemed performer and educator in the art of dance and cirque.
Matthew Gardiner
Founder Catch London Public Speaker, FinTech Evangelist
Professor, Frank Russo Director of the SMART Lab, Ryerson University
Jeffrey Lynn Damon Technical immersion expert and interactive Innovator
Professor Michael Luck academic innovator, leader, and intelligent agent man.
Adriana Leraci Technology design translator, entrepreneur, founder, Roboticist and AI evangalist
Daniel Indrigo, tech wiz, mobile and design engineering
Kiki Bell and – sparkling artists, choreographers, pyrotechno masters
Augul Memet       Renowned Acrobatic, circus artist, educator, performer, mother, and Uyghur
Sandra Battaglini: Comic genius, performer, humanitarian.
Professor Karan Singh, Computer Vision Visionary, founder, Janus VR
Dr. Patrick Langdon, Cambridge University Academic, Design Engineer, Automotive, haptics
Bert Myers: Vortex Record founder, entrepreneur, artist, poet
Robert I: developer, veteran coder, original DB2 Dev. Team, Problem solver, inventor
Inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, founder
Ravi Gananathan. Product Development Master
Tech team guru
Corporate pied piper
Murray McKercher Mobile Tech Guru,
Investor, Startup Leader
Innovator, Founder
Professor Ron Baecker
Computer Pioneer
Academic Master
Inventor, Guru, Tech
Ted Nelson, the great inventor, computer pioneer,
Visionary, Hypertext father, living legend and inspiration to the Inventors in the nest.

Thank you to all the members who helped us found the Inventors Nest.

Monthly memberships also available.