Welcome to The Inventors Nest! This is the co-working and innovation hub for inventors. Meet, learn, advance, and build your dreams into successful businesses.

More about The Inventors Nest:

What: The Inventors Nest is Like an incubator/accelerator and co-working space for inventors

Why: Our goal is to connect inventors directly to the developers, technical teams, and investors needed to bring an invention to market.

Where: Everywhere! We are a virtual space, supported by a physical space. Meet our team in VR, online, or in person.

How: The team at The Investors Nest are experienced in startup, invention, marketing, co-working, accelerating, and funding skills required to bring new products and innovations to market.

Who: Inventors, innovators, artists, business professionals, scientists, developers, and visionaries from Toronto, Silicon Valley, London UK, and Berlin bring their combined expertise to this new concept in innovation to help inventors get to the core of their goals quickly, and effectively.

Please let us know if you are an inventor and need more information about the Nest.

The Inventors Nest

The Inventors Nest is a collective of inventors, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and professionals who are serious innovators in their field.

We provide space for showcasing, testing, or working on your invention, and bring a wealth of human and capital resources to the table to help inventors get their ideas to market.

Working together, we provide a full range of services, offerings, shared space, and other resources to help you get your inventions patented, prototyped, marketed, funded, and to market.

Affordable membership rates, competitive advantages, legal teams on staff, marketing, prototyping, design, development and engineering resources are all available in the Nest.

Join the flock!


The Inventors Nest is a collective organization, founded by inventors, artists, and scientists. We bring inventors of technology, or artistic creations together with the stakeholders, investors, and developers needed to take new products and ideas to market.

We put innovation and creativity together with business skills to support startup and founder activities from the ground up, focusing on inventions, ideas, or products you would like to bring to market.

Our focus is on the arts, immersive technologies, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality applications, IOT, Wearable, robotics and hardware.

Innovative Entrepreneurship

The model of co-working is great when you are not sure what you are going to do, or how to run a business, or even what you are trying to launch.

That is why we developed the Nest, for inventors, by inventors. Inventors are a different breed from most startup founders: and it is time for us to go directly to the sources of funding, development, and success, without having to wade through the vaporware.

The Inventors Nest is a co-working and creative space designed specifically to support new inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs in the sciences, and the arts, in determining a more direct path to commercialization.

…Unlike co-working spaces and tech incubators:

The Inventors Nest is a place where you can quickly determine critical factors that will help you get your product or idea working for you, and where you can get the guidance and support to achieve your goals.


The Inventors Nest is located in the east end of Toronto Canada, with satellite locations in virtual reality spaces!

Let us know if you are have an invention and would like help getting it to the next level.

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Email:   Invent@theinventorsnest.com